Meionite Sphere -Otter Lake, Quebec, Canada

Meionite Sphere -Otter Lake, Quebec, Canada

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This incredibly rare and valuable sphere is made of Meionite, a gemstone believed to originate from the depths of the earth’s mantle. Glows yellow and purple under short wave UV.

Meionite Spheres are known for their ability to absorb and amplify energy, making them powerful tools for use in meditations and spiritual practices. Additionally, many believe that meionite possesses healing properties that can help promote physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. Many people who use Meionite report feeling a deep sense of peace and clarity when meditating or engaging in spiritual practices with the gemstone.

Meionite is a mineral composed of calcium silicate and beryllium that belongs to the zeolites group. It is named after the meion valley in Carinthia, Austria where it was originally discovered. Meionite has a vitreous lustre, meaning it has a glass-like shine when cut and polished. Its colours can range from white, yellow, green and brown. It has a Mohs hardness of 5-6 and a specific gravity of 2.58 to 2.66, making it relatively hard but also lightweight.

Meionite is an important mineral in metamorphic rocks as it is formed by the high temperatures and pressures that these rocks experience. It is often found as a major constituent of contact metamorphic rocks, skarns, hornfels and some marbles.

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