Odessa Texas Meteorite 3.5"x 2"
Odessa Texas Meteorite 3.5"x 2"

Odessa Texas Meteorite 3.5"x 2"

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The Odessa Texas meteorite fell about 50,000 years ago, blasting out a crater 600 feet across. It is now almost completely filled with sand and is barely visible between the oil wells and thorn bushes just outside of Odessa. Discovered in 1923, thousands of fragments have been collected and distributed to museums all over the world. The Odessa meteorite is an iron medium octahedrite. This specimen measures 3.5"x 2" and weighs 1.2 lbs.

The composition and color range of the meteorite is varied. The “irons”, chondrites, and chondrites are designed as the three classes of meteorites. The “irons” are mostly of iron and nickel; the chondrites are made of stone; and the achondrites are very rare stony irons consisting of stone fragments and/or beautiful olivine crystals embedded in a nickel-iron matrix. The material within the achondrites said to be the result of volcanic activity on Mars and/or the Moon, is believed to predate the formation of the Earth. 

The meteorite is held sacred and is esteemed in many cultures. It represents the energy of other worlds and allows for access of this energy by the user. The meteorite can be utilized for balancing and aligning the bodies, within themselves, and to synthesize the alignment between the bodies. It enhances communication on this plane and can provide information, stored within, concerning other-worldly aspects relevant to one's needs.

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