Peace & Prosperity Candle w/Moonstone and Hematite - Artisan Made

Peace & Prosperity Candle w/Moonstone and Hematite - Artisan Made

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The harmonious embodiment of tranquility and abundance – our captivating artisan-made "Peace and Prosperity Candle." Crafted with ethically sourced palm wax, this candle is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of inner calm and external affluence.

A delicate shade of light blue, achieved through the infusion of serene mica powder and complementary color wax, envelops the candle, representing the soothing embrace of peace and the expansive promise of prosperity. This color invites a sense of serenity and balance, reminding you that tranquility is a foundation for abundance.

The invigorating scent of lemongrass, entwined with the warmth of cinnamon, fills the air, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and invigoration. Lemongrass essential oil is renowned for its calming properties, while the essence of cinnamon inspires action and energy. Together, they create a synergy that fosters both inner peace and the motivation to achieve your desires.

Imbued within the wax are the energies of cinnamon and lemongrass herbs, deepening the candle's potency as they release their natural aromas and properties. As the candle burns, these botanical elements weave their magic, infusing your surroundings with a sense of tranquility and the motivation to flourish.

But the magic extends further with the addition of genuine gemstones – the ethereal moonstone and the grounding hematite. Moonstone, a stone of inner growth and emotional balance, resonates with the energies of peace and tranquility, while hematite provides stability and grounding, reminding you to remain centered in your pursuit of prosperity.

The "Peace and Prosperity Candle" not only captivates the eye with its serene light blue hue and ethereal essence but also soothes the spirit with its calming and motivational energies. Whether you seek to create a peaceful sanctuary, attract abundance, or strike a balance between tranquility and success, this candle is your companion on the journey to harmonious living. Embrace the enchantment and watch as peace and prosperity unite in perfect harmony within your space.

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