Peridot Faceted Teardrop Pendant-Sterling Silver

Peridot Faceted Teardrop Pendant-Sterling Silver

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Peridot Faceted Teardrop Pendant-Sterling Silver features a teardrop-shaped Peridot gemstone, skillfully faceted to enhance its natural brilliance and allure. Set in a lustrous Sterling Silver frame, the pendant exudes elegance and sophistication. The Peridot Faceted Teardrop Pendant in Sterling Silver is a mesmerizing and meaningful piece of jewelry that carries both metaphysical and geological significance. 

From a metaphysical perspective, the Peridot gemstone is believed to possess a range of positive properties. Emotionally, it is thought to promote inner peace and aid in the release of negative emotions, offering a sense of calmness and well-being to the wearer. It is said to act as a shield against negative energies and foster a harmonious energy flow throughout the body. Peridot is associated with personal growth, encouraging the wearer to embrace change and transformation, leading to spiritual expansion and self-discovery.

Its primary sources are volcanic regions and certain meteorites. The gemstone is intimately connected to volcanic areas, where it forms deep within the Earth's mantle and is brought to the surface through volcanic activity. This association has led to peridot being commonly found in lava flows and deposits linked to volcanic eruptions. Among its famous sources, the Hawaiian Islands, particularly Oahu, are renowned for their "Hawaiian Peridot," symbolizing the islands' volcanic origins. Additionally, the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona, USA, is another notable producer of peridot. Myanmar (Burma) boasts high-quality peridot, and Pakistan is esteemed for its intensely green peridot deposits. Egypt also has historical significance in peridot mining, particularly from the Red Sea island of Zabargad (St. John's Island). Moreover, the occurrence of peridot in meteorites adds to its allure and rarity, intriguing collectors and researchers alike. Overall, the geographical sources of peridot contribute to its availability, quality, and the historical significance it carries as a treasured gemstone.

**Chain sold separately 

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