Titanium Aura Purple Quartz Points

Titanium Aura Purple Quartz Points

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Titanium Aura Purple Quartz Points are decorative items made from purple quartz that has been treated with a process called "Titanium Aura" or "Titanium Quartz" treatment. This treatment involves bonding a thin layer of titanium and/or niobium to the surface of the quartz using a process called vacuum deposition. This creates a permanent metallic coating on the quartz which gives it a unique purple color and iridescent sheen.

These titanium aura purple quartz points are shaped and polished into a point shape, which is a common shape for decorative crystals and gemstones. This shape is utilized to showcase the unique colors and patterns of the titanium-coated purple quartz, and it can be utilized for decoration, healing or as a focal point for meditation.

Metaphysically, purple quartz is said to be a powerful stone for spiritual development and is believed to help to open and balance the crown chakra. It is also said to be useful for enhancing psychic abilities and for grounding spiritual energy into the physical body. The titanium coating on the quartz is said to increase the stone's energy and amplify the healing properties of the purple quartz.

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