Vanadinite Specimen- Morocco 4"x 2"
Vanadinite Specimen- Morocco 4"x 2"

Vanadinite Specimen- Morocco 4"x 2"

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Brilliant Vanadinite Specimen from Morocco has beautiful crystal formations in a deep reddish hue making it a perfect display piece for any home or office.

Vanadinite is a mineral that is composed of lead vanadate, and it is known for its deep red color. It is a secondary mineral, typically found in the oxidized zones of lead-bearing deposits, and is often associated with minerals such as barite, wulfenite, and cerussite.

Morocco, is one of the most notable places where Vanadinite is found. In Morocco, vanadinite is found in the Mibladen mining district, specifically in the Taouz and Bou Skour mines. These mines are known for producing high-quality specimens of vanadinite, often with large and well-formed crystals.

Vanadinite is said to have grounding and stabilizing energy, and is believed to promote a positive attitude and to help one to feel more in control of their life. It is also said to help with emotional balance and to be beneficial for the heart, lungs, and immune system.

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